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by: Mercedes

That girl you called ugly
Her mom’s a crackhead and won’t buy her any clothes or do her hair
That person you were bullying
They got abused at home already
That person you said is dirty
Their family lives on a fixed income and their parents can barely afford the bills
That girl you teased with your friends because she wasn’t down that night
She was raped

The boy that you think has a speaking disorder
His mom and father just died and he’s traumatized
That minor the staff were talking shit to
She was falsely accused of a crime and isn’t supposed to be here
Think before you judge someone because on judgment day, you’re not going to
Be looking perfect if anything you’ll be far from it.

People can be cruel
And then think it’s cool
Judging people not even knowing them
What if someone judged you and didn’t care
All you can say is take a walk in my shoes if you dare
They may just turn and laugh
But one day they’ll learn and know what they did was bad.