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By: Ricky Leon

My name is Ricky. I am made of skin and bone and emotions. I might appear as someone who does not care and is mostly bad, or someone who just cares about himself. But I want to find a way to express my thoughts, to find the words to release my pain.

I’m not what people think. I’m a whole different person. If people knew me they would think of me as a soft person and would try to use that against me in a negative way.

I wonder if I see past the surface of others-for example, my enemies? Perhaps there is someone there who does not want to do the things they do and regrets some choices that he has pursued.

Everyone expects a lot more from me than what I have shown. I want to be a better person, and help people that need help. And I still want to have fun, but in a way that all of us are safe and not worried if someone will try and take your life away.

I want to go to college and get a good degree and put a smile on my mom’s face because she is always there for me. One day, I would like to start a charity and put a smile on the faces of all the people who believe life is dark and think they are no good.

To me, to be human means to have emotions and build confidence to support who you are, and to learn to communicate with the people around you.

I am glad I have the chance to be human.