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The Polka Dot Dress

The Polka Dot Dress
By: Heidi Awada

Gemma wore a pink polka dot dress
Without knowing it would end in a catastrophic mess.
She tumbled down the grassy hill,
Which resulted in a fruit punch spill.
The kids began to uncontrollably mock
So Gemma hid in Big Foot’s sock.
The unexpected visitors made him very grumpy,
He was going to crack like Humpty Dumpty.
Big Foot squished Gemma in his shoe
And she came out looking like pink glue.
She spontaneously popped back to life
And ran after Big Foot with a sharp knife.
Both fell into a wide stream,
Which the sun hit with a gleeful gleam.
Both laughed and happily smiled,
Saying, “Hey! Why don’t we be friends a while?”