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By: Macon

June always reminds me of my father, not because it’s Father’s Day but it is also his birthday. My dad is one of the best dads I could ever wish for. When I was playing football, my dad would always take me to the park to work on my skills. He would also come to all my football practices and games.

Even though my dad is always in and out of jail, he would always be there for me for the little time that he would be free. Besides my mom, my dad is the only person I can talk to about something important. I wish my dad were still out here in my life, because if he were, I wouldn’t be gangbanging. I probably wouldn’t be in jail right now to be honest.

My dad would always tell me “homies ain’t homies when you get locked up.” He was right. I remember four years ago it was Christmas time. He thought he needed to make some extra money to get my brother and me more gifts.

He went out and robbed someone. I wish he wouldn’t have done it because that’s the reason he got thirty-nine to life. He was just trying to be there for my brother and me. I reminisce about that every day.