by: M

What a damn shame.
These people walking around here, killin’ people
For doing the same thing.
I don’t get it.
Why isn’t it finished?
People killing their own race
Saying it’s over family
Stabbing, shooting, and fighting every damn day
But wait. Look at these people’s faces.
This is your family.
These little kids are getting put in on this shit
Their parents think it’s okay.
The kids out here, dying and shit.
Nobody should have to go identify their sibling
Or child’s body because of a gang.
Shoot somebody because of a gang.
First, it’s violence
Then it’s silence
Think about it first before you get put on
Think about it first before you want to be known
Anger is one letter short from danger.
If you want to live longer, I suggest you be smart
Before you end up like some of these unlucky kids
Laid out in the park,
Face on a shirt
Everyone actin’ hurt
But in reality everyone worried about their own life
Not wondering or even caring why yours took flight
Sure they might shed a couple of tears
But they are just going to replace you and show no fears
It’s a cycle that’s ridiculous
It’s no wonder why everyone fit in
It’s not cool
It’s not a lifestyle
It’s not the shit
It’s not the right style
Be wise with your choices
Decisions will decide your life
So I’d make the right choice if I were you.
It depends on your life.