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By: Cassie

Hey Dad,

Thanks for abandoning me when I was little. Thanks for making my mom and me resent you and become jaded when anyone wants to come into our lives.

You shattered me at a young age, as well as my image of what a man should be. I know you have your own issues, but I’ve always wanted to know why you couldn’t get stuff together, and step up for us and be my father? I guess you being a dead beat was a blessing in disguise, because my grandpa is the father you could have never been. He gave me everything I wanted and more. I can never call you my father. My grandpa deserves to be called my father any day over you.

I’m worried my actions will lead me to end up in Youth Services Center and impact my grandpa more than anyone. I blame myself for his health issues increasing while I’m in here. I just want him to know that I cherish calling him my father, and that I love him more than myself.

So hey Dad, thanks for being a blessing in disguise. Thank you for giving me my grandpa as my father.