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The Spilt Arts Program is a nonprofit organization founded to help children from under served locations showcase their talents in literature, art, and photography.

We are dedicated to giving children a voice and a legitimate resource which they can use as a starting off point for a career in the arts. Through our quarterly online journal, students in places such as juvenile detention centers and Native American reservations, as well as urban and rural schools will be able to share their stories, pasts, their hopes and dreams with their contemporaries.

Events such as gallery nights will be utilized to allow featured artists to exhibit their work to their communities and students will be able to participate in a mentoring program with artists at the top of the respective fields.

Spilt Arts is focused on motivating young people and providing them with autonomy for their unique goals. We are open to collaborating with other nonprofits that are interested in furthering opportunities for students and their futures.

One such collaboration is with Project Knucklehead, who we are excited to work with in creating a curriculum for a new after school arts program for the LA Unified School District. With overwhelming support and help from our friends and families, we are determined to nurturing children’s confidence in themselves and helping them fulfill their artistic aspirations.

Contact us for any questions and if your organization is interested for collaboration.