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Rogue Waves : http://www.roguewaves.net/


Rogue waves are giant waves that occur when two or more smaller waves combine. This is the underlying spirit with which we approach any new collaboration. Roguewaves, a global arts exchange, was founded in 2002 by Elsa Vieira for the purpose of bringing together individuals and/or groups to collaborate with each other on an international as well as an inter-media level, in the hopes that each small effort will, as a result, lead to giant leaps in mutual understanding.

Chance 4 Children: http://www.c4c.cz/en/

c4cIf you love children, then we have something in common already. We here at Chance 4 Children (C4C) believe that children are the hope of the future. Each one is precious and distinct, just waiting for his or her chance to fulfill their destiny and calling in life. In keeping with this, our Motto is, that:

Every child deserves a chance!

That applies especially to children who are disabled or socially disadvantaged, institutionalized or terminally ill – children at risk and less fortunate than others! Since 1996 the Chance 4 Children team has invested much time and resources into developing and implementing innovative programs, which are aimed at making the playing field a little more level for children with one of the above mentioned handicaps.

Justice Resource Institute (JRI): http://www.traumacenter.org/

UntitledThe Trauma Center is a program of Justice Resource Institute (JRI), a large nonprofit organization dedicated to social justice by offering hope and promise of fulfillment to children, adults, and families who are at risk of not receiving effective services essential to their safety, progress, and/or survival. The Executive Director of the Trauma Center is Joseph Spinazzola, Ph.D., and the Medical Director and Founder of the Trauma Center is Bessel van der Kolk, MD, who is an internationally recognized leader in the field of psychological trauma.

Artesia High School: http://www.edline.net/pages/Artesia_High_School

AHS“Going to Artesia for the past four years has been more than just going to school,  more than a daily routine and more than a parental requirement. Instead, going to Artesia has been an experience that’s shaped me for life’s future adventures. As a freshman I didn’t know who I was or what type of people I would fit in with.  Artesia quickly gave me an abundance of academic and extracurricular opportunities to begin that journey of self discovery.

Today, I proudly say that Artesia High School has broken down cultural and social barriers amongst its student body that allow us to come together under an umbrella of trust and communication. If I could leave the current underclassman and future students with some advice it would be -“Instead of simply getting an education, experience Artesia High School as a multi-faceted community that achieves excellence around every corner and provides students many opportunities to be successful.  My four years at Artesia have been about the journey, not the destination!” ”

-Kyle Gilhuys, ASB President 2013/2014

Greenly Art Space: http://www.greenlyartspace.com/

IMG_5Greenly Art Space is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to enriching lives and cultivating community through art. This is done though creating contemplative art shows, bringing art to community schools, and providing a space for art making, mentoring, and art therapy.







The Beat Within: www.beatwithin.org

The Beat Within was started by David Inocencio in 1996 and has become a national (and soon to be international) program providing writing workshops for juvenile detention centers.






Project Knucklehead: www.projectknucklehead.org

Founded by Dr. Amir Whittaker, Project Knucklehead is an outreach organization geared towards assisting children at-risk. Spilt Arts and Project Knucklehead are currently working on co-authoring a pilot program for after school arts education through LAUSD.