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By: Chance

I as a person have a lot of concerns. I will talk about a couple of them, but keep in mind they are just concerns, not beliefs.

I feel like a failure. My anger has removed myself and my family from home to home since I was young, but I fought it and conquered it. But when one big problem goes, another takes its place.

Drug addiction. Right now it feels unbeatable. Every part of me wants to be happy; to have a purpose. Addiction takes me and wraps its warm arms around me. Now that my family can’t help me, I am filled with dread. My friends look to me as a plug, “Can you get me thing?” “Can you get me that?” And it fills me with a false sense of purpose.

Because of drugs, I don’t have an education and I have lived on the streets for the better part of two years. I started with weed, but soon it wasn’t enough. It turned into acid, mushrooms, and then molly next, which I stuck with for 2 years. Soon after that it turned to meth and it became my life for about 5 months. Now I am here, in juvie. I am afraid that the cycle will continue.

Portrait Illustration by Sh’Nere Deas