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By: Anonymous

You mean so much to me that I can’t think when you’re near me
Your love is tastier than a bee’s honey, sweeter than a bear’s hug
Your scent is like a million roses that are ready to bloom
It kills me to know that you mean leave.
Stay. Please. I need you.

The sky is turning green and I feel dizzy
The drug I took is so addicting
This drug can kill and make you do things you don’t want to
But you can also heal with love
By telling people you care when they’re afraid and lonely

This addiction feels so good but how do you stop it?
You can’t.
It will go on for the rest of your life
But what you can do, is not hurt people with that love
Because they will pass it onto many more
Pass it around with kindness and compassion
To save many more

We hurt. And that’s real love.
I will love you forever until the stars fall above.


Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels